DebConf 11 – Sarajevo and Home

Well, DebConf 11 was ended, we started traveling back home, some (few) would continue to the desktop summit in Berlin. For me and P’Thep, we waked up something like 5am, had a breakfast, then took a taxi to the main bus station. We left Banja Luka 7:45am for Sarajevo. We arrived our destination around 1pm, took a taxi to a hotel we reserved – Hotel Old Town – in the old town area of Sarajevo.

Well, I had just learned that the old town area is a the main tourist area. So, after lunch, we walked around the area. First, we visited the Gazi Husrev-beg’s mosque (Islam), Cathedral of Jesus’s Heart (Catholic), Cathedral Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos (Orthodox), a book fair near by, Military Club, Sarajevo Synagogue (Judaism). Then, we went to the Latin bridge, where the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Austrian-Hungarian empire and his wife had been assassinated in 28 June 1914 – the event that started the World War I. We then walked back to the old town, finished our walk at Bascarsilja – the heart of the old town.

On 1 Aug, we walked to a small exchange counter to exchange our money back to euros, checked out, headed to the airport, catched the flight to transit at Istanbul, another (delayed) flight to Bangkok, then another flight to Khon Kaen.

I was at my home late 2pm, unpacked, cleaned up.

IMHO, DebConf11 was great. It would be really cool if we all could organize DebConf in Thailand.

Thailand mini-DebCamp 2010 in Khon Kean was the first step. Joining DebConf11 was the second.

Next step ? Let’s organize the first mini-DebConf in Thailand !