DebConf15 – Day 6-7

The conference dinner was in day 6. The last day I attended DebConf. The dinner was in a beer garden / restaurant called Waldschenke Heidelberg on top of the mountain near Heiligenberganlage.  The restaurant was exclusively reserved for DebConf15. The weather was cold, but atmosphere was certainly warm with friends, and unlimited beer. It was really great.

Andrew, Hideki, Yabuki, FourDollars, and I joined the table, and walked around to meet people. We talked a lot about organizing DebConf in Asia. Many western friends seem to support that idea even Neil McGovern – the current DPL.

Along with Taipei, and Tokyo, we believe that Bangkok was the best option for DebConf Asia because living cost, food, and travel.

I could do it though, but definitely not alone. Perhaps, if I could get enough manpower, there will be a Mini DebConf 2016 in Bangkok or Khon Kaen .. then the DebConf Asia.

Day 7, I checked out from the hotel early in the morning, took a shuttle bus back to Frankfurt Airport for my flight back to Thailand.

Day 8, arrived at Bangkok in the morning, and took a flight in the late morning from Bangkok to Khon Kaen.

As always, DebConf15 was great, and is definitely one of very successful event of Debian.

DebConf15 – Day 4-5

Day 4 was hack time – hacklab all day. ^^

Day 5 was the conference day trip. There were 4 choices to pick. I chose, of course, a beer brewery – Brauerei zum Klosterhof.  It was entertaining to learn about brewing beer, also tasted 3 kinds of them – halle, weisse, and dunkel. We had a small picnic til late noon then headed back to the city. I got off at the old town of Heidelberg and started to walked like 8-10 km around old town and Heidelberg castle to capture moments. It was nice though.

If you visit Heidelberg, don’t miss the old town and the castle.

iPad battery drain while sleep

Recently, I’ve found an issue on my iPad Air (1). It drained battery so quickly when it slept.

I tried to reset (home + power), reset all settings, and disable almost every feature as suggested by those results from Google. — No, it did not work.

The last method is to delete everything and start as fresh. So, first, I tried to backup – and uh oh – it stopped backup for 3 days because my iCloud storage was full – AND THIS WAS THE PROBLEM.

It seemed like iCloud (perhaps since 8.4.1 ?) kept retrying to backup all the time and that was draining battery.

The issue could simply be resolved by making room enough for backup – either remove something or buy more storage. And that was it. No more battery drain.