Vultr’s $2.5 / month server instance

Vultr has recently upgrade all instances . While $5/month has been upgraded from 1 CPU / 768 MB / 15 GB  to 1 CPU / 1 GB / 25 GB, Vultr also introduced the new smallest server instance – 1 CPU / 512 MB / 20 GB at $2.5/month.

So, I have choices:  keep paying $5/month and get an upgraded instance for free, or migrate to the $2.5/month to cut cost in half.

I chose the latter.

Unfortunately, Vultr does not allow to downgrade the instance (because disks can only be enlarged). So, I needed to migrate the server. I created a snapshot from the existing 15 GB disk, and deployed an $2.5/month instance from the snapshot. It took me about 10 minutes to create the snapshot (free), and few more minutes to deploy new instance. Then, I updated DNS record.

Things went well. So, finally, I destroyed the $5/month instance.

The result ?  You are seeing it right now. This web is running on single $2.5/month instance :D