DebConf 11 – DebConf Day 2

There are jobs I got via mails from Thailand and I have to finish some. I also had to phone (Skype) back to Thailand. So, hell, I cannot concentrate on all the talks. (Actually, for today, I planned to be in a hacklab!)

Christian and Andrew came to have a little chat with us about the idea to organize DebConf in Thailand. This is my first DebConf, and things are very luxurious somehow – Opera/theater-like auditorium, 4-star accommodation (the best in town actually), kinds of things. Christian may not want me to misunderstand by these. He told me that in the previous DebConfs, venues were not this great. Accommodation would be student dorm. DDs are not that demanding. He said somewhat like mini-DebCamp in Khon Kaen would also fit well (sure, it has to be 10x scaled up). The main requirement would be making all easy for hacking ! So, distance between accomodation-hacklab-auditorium should require just a few minutes of walk. And, of course, it would need fast-and-reliable Internet connection(s) ! Finally, he told me that I should subscribe debconf-team ML, did it almost immediately.

Christian said I must have a "reliable" team to do this. They must commit on the jobs. From what I could see, 2014 would be the fastest possible to have DebConf in Thailand. Yes, it’s next 3 years. But, this is very short, enough to feel that we will miss it ! And, If we really want to organize DebConf in 2014, we have to prepare now! Then, we could propose in the next DebConf 12 in Nicaragua!

And, yes, I know that Nicaragua – like BiH – does not have a consular office in Thailand, the nearest one to issue visas for Thais is in Japan!

Tough job!!

Well, I attended some of the talk anyway. It was "Debian Packaging with Git" – the best practice workflow. It requires number of packages and tools I don’t know before. I could not catch it all, and it was not that easy to follow. Video helps. I think.

Then, I moved to attend git tutorial by Thomas Koch. It’s a kind of tutorial for beginners, but many DDs attended ! I learned git from manpage, and the tutorial was was like reading man gittutorial somehow. I don’t know how many people know about this but at least in in Ubuntu, you can man gittutorial, gittutorial-2, gitworkflows, gitcore-tutorial. There are not manpages but, for dummies, textbooks ! Try !

We had a group photo thereafer. So, say "squeeze" or "lenny" or "wheezy" or "sid" .. some say "experimental" .. whatever !

After dinner, just before the keysigning party (KSP), we attend DebConf video team meeting by chance. The team leads by Holger – a friend we met in Taiwan mini-DebConf. Well, he discussed with their team about things, and finally showed a clip. It was a news from a local TV channel about the President of the republic of Srpska in DebConf opening ceremony. And we are in that TV news too .. Yay!

The KSP was actually prepared by Anibal, but he did not come here. So someone took over. We have about a hundred of people joined the party. So, they have to do it by groups. I did not submit my key to the party on time. So, I brought my fingerprint paper strips to exchange with them. I did exchange my fingerprint with some of the people. It could take an hour to exchange all. Keysigning could be done later anyway. So, went back to the hotel, did hack some codes before went to bed.