DebConf 11 – DebConf Day 4

It was raining again, lightly. I waked up a bit late, and almost missed the breakfast. We joined with Andi Barth, asked him to give opinions about DebConf in Thailand. Andi gave some good advices about organizing DebConf, pretty much like Christian told us. Anyway, he did give a comment about visa, which was always the problem in every DebConf since some DDs and participants may live in countries with some visa restrictions. And, it would take quite some time to get visa for those.

I attended some talks and BoF, but mainly I just sit there to hack gdictthai — my E-T dictionary. I planned to migrate from Berkeley DB to SQLite long time ago. So, I wrote a small program to export dictionary from BDB to a CSV file. Then, it was just a few step from creating a SQLite database and importing the CSV file into it. I did git branch sqlite, checkout, rewrote all database-related code to use SQLite. I have never learned about SQLite C API before. However, in the late afternoon, my sqlite code was done and merged to master. Good bye Berkeley DB ! (and Oracle who own it !!) There were some unrelated bugs to be cleaned up. So, not release … yet.

After dinner, I clean up my works, organized e-mails and files in my hard drive. It took quite some time to do, really !

Then, showered, hit the bed.