DebConf 11 – DebConf Day 5

The last day of DebConf11, I joined Language SkillExchange to learn and share about the languages. Then, it was "DebConf12 in Nicaragua" talked by the DebConf12 team.

We had lunch with Asian friends and English gentleman. I exchanges my fingerprint with Hideki Yamane, Paul Liu, and Kan-Ru Chen. We talked about DebConf12. For Asian, it is not easy to travel to Nicaragua. So, I told Hideki to organize mini-DebConf in Japan, so that I could attend the mini-DebConf, and also apply for a visa to Nicaragua (Thais need to apply visas to Nicaragua in Japan ! .. Ack !)

After lunch, P’Thep went to hacklab, I walked to the Church of Holy Trinity, shot some photos, had a good moment there. Then, I attended more talks about "DebConf in Debian" and "DebConf13" that representatives gave a short introduction about their city. For DebConf13, the current candidates are Vienna (Austria), Latvia, Berlin (Germany), UK, West Lafayette (Indiana, USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Switzerland. Presentations were fun. End of the talk, H01ger proposed to have DebConf14 in Martinique, a region of France in the Caribbean sea! .. Hey, it’s France, a part of EU ! No visa for EU people ! Then, he proposed DebConf18 on the cruise – a week hacking in the sea ! Well, expense for the cruise is not the problem. The big problem is that, for today, the Internet connection would be very expensive. That’s why he proposed for DebConf18 that he expected technologies would be advanced enought to make it cheaper. Hey, we have Bdale here, he could build a rocket for making the Internet connections ?!! .. Hah!

Finally, it was the closing ceremony. It was a moment to thank all the staffs, appreciated their hard works. And, it was time to say good bye to everyone.

We went back to the hotel, had a dinner, took notes, packed thing for travel. We planned to stay in Sarajevo for one night, then fly back to Bangkok (via Istanbul) on 1st Aug.