DebConf 11 – DebConf Day 3

Topics in the morning were about Debian derivatives. They were both lecture and BoF. It was good to see collaborations among Debian and downstream distros like Ubuntu and the others. Then, It was about blending Debian – a flavor for different interests like education, medical, or something else.

The lunch, the table was unintentionally turned out to be Asian table with 2 Taiwanese, 2 Thais, 1 Japanese, and 1 Indian. Totally, AFAIK, there are 11 Asian people in DebConf. Well, I thought I got troubles about our visa, but for Taiwanese, it’s worse. Taiwan, like Thailand, does not have BiH embassy. So, they have to get a visa from the embassy in Beijing. That’s impossible for taiwaneses. So, the DC11 local team had to get document from the government to issue visa for them at the border (pretty much like our case, actually).

For the Indian guy, well there is the embassy in New Delhi, he just had to travel like 600 km from his home. And when he arrived, the embassy requested for an official document, which he did not have one at that time. It took him one and half month, traveled back and forth, to get his visa issued.

After lunch, Paul Liu asked if I wanted to take a walk around the city.The weather was good. I mean, yes, it was a bit hot, but better than raining. So, I decided to join and burn some calories (dang!) It was about an hour or so, walked around the museum, the fortress, the river, then back to the conference venue.

I attended the talk about linux kernel given by the kernel team of Debian, about how they handle the kernel. We had conference banquet, NGO DIVA treats.

Conference banquet was on 14th floor of a building in a restaurant name "Integra". View was good, food was good, Wouter (nbd package maintainer) played flute on the stage. That was impressive ! But, I was tired and did not feel well. So, walked back to the hotel, realized that no water from the tap in the hotel. Well, crashed on my bed anyway.

Waked up this morning (UTC+2), a good news from P’Thep that the TH Sarabun font was relicensed and is now GPL, Yay !